Updated Thursday January 12, 2017 by Josh Miller.

Avoca Baseball FAQ’s  

 What are your age groups?

T-ball ages are 4 – 6, Rookie 7-8, Minor 9-10, Major 11-12. Your child’s league age is

how old they are on April 30th of the current year.

 What is your registration fee and what does it cover?

Registration is $85 per player. This will include the player’s jersey and hat. It will

also cover, administration fees, insurance, taxes, equipment, advertising, umpires,

field maintenance items, and the city usage fee, etc.

What will my child need?

Players will need baseball pants (your team manager will let you know what color and

if you will need to purchase socks and a belt),cleats, and a glove. (optional their own

bat, a bat bag, and their own helmet w/facemask) We will be coordinating an

equipment swap so be on the look out for more info on that.

 When will my child’s games be?

Games will be scheduled through the week and on Saturdays.

 What time will my child’s games be?

T-ball and rookie games during the week will generally be scheduled at 6:00 pm.

Minor and Major games during the week will generally be scheduled at 7:15 pm.

Saturday’s game times can vary for all divisions. We generally begin around 10:00

am and play throughout the day.

 How long will games be?

T-ball games have a time limit of 1 hour. Rookie games have a time limit of 1 and ½

hour. Minor and Major games have a time limit of 2 hours.

When does practice start?

Practice will begin the week following the evaluations and draft. Your team

manager or coach will contact you with practice information once your child is

placed on a roster.

 How long is the season?

The season usually begins the first part of April and runs through the end of May.

Of course this can change due to weather.

 How are positions and playing time determined?

Positions and playing time will be up to the team manager and coaches. It is our goal

however, that every child gets adequate playing time and no child will not be played

in a game unless they tell a coach they are sick.

 Who do I contact if I have a problem?

Should something arise you should first speak with your team manager. (Please do

not do this in the heat of the moment, as it usually is better for all time is took to

calm down if angry) If the issue cannot be resolved by speaking with your team

manager you should speak with your division representative. Finally, if all other

avenues have been exhausted you should speak with the league president.

Will I have to work the concession stand?

Most likely, Teams will be responsible for pulling shifts in the concession stand and

it will be up to your team manager/team mom to get with parents to designate a

scheduled time during your teams turn in the concession stand.

Will there be league fundraisers?

Yes, we will do a league fundraiser that will be given out by team moms. We will also

be doing a Hit-A-Thon, and parent t-shirt and hats will be ordered through the

league as a fundraiser.